Monday, 16 March 2009

Welcome one and all to Exquisite Things!

Before we commence, I wanted to provide a quick run down of what we hope to achieve and what we intend to cover here at Exquisite Things. I say ‘we’ because, both myself (Matthew Dick) and Kevin McCaighy will be contributing to the Blog. Primarily, we intend to cover comics, although don’t be too surprised if you see the occasional post on music, TV, film or literature.

In general terms, we intend to focus on work we feel has value, regardless of genre or useless labels like ‘underground’, ‘indie’ and ‘mainstream’. Quality remains quality, no matter where it is found. Our focus will be on complete, self contained works as well the occasional ongoing series. We also hope to present interviews and longer form pieces on topics of our choosing. Exquisite Things is going to be a very fluid entity which will undoubtedly evolve as times goes by, so these aren’t necessarily hard and fast rules, but more of an indication as to what to expect.

In keeping with these aims, our post will be an in depth interview with Carla Speed McNeil, creator of the ongoing comic series Finder. I’ve always been a big fan of her work, so I’m absolutely thrilled to be able to kick things off with this particular piece.

We are going to try and update the Blog as frequently as possible but I don’t foresee us publishing to any kind of regimented schedule. New content will appear as and when it occurs to us.

I hope you enjoy reading. Please feel free to leave us feedback or get in touch.


volle said...

This looks like a real promising blog. Looking forward to the Habitrails-feature.

Cheers from Helsinki

Matt D said...

Thanks man, I hope to have it up by next week.