Thursday, 18 June 2009

Simple Headphone Mind - with Brian Wood

Brian Wood is the author is of Channel Zero, DMZ, Demo, Local and, more recently the 'viking dark crime saga' Northlanders. Both Kevin and I are massive fans of Local, so it's with great pleasure that we give you Brian Wood's top five records of the moment!

1. The National - Boxer
2. Sonic Youth - The Eternal
3. Superchunk - Leaves In The Gutter
4. Archers Of Loaf - All The Nations Airports
5. Morvern Callar - Original Film Soundtrack

1 comment:

Tomás said...

Ah! The Eternal is brilliant! SYs best album in years, and Morvern Caller is on constant rotaion in the shop.
I'll have to check out the others. I'm really liking the music theme, Matt.
Thanks ;)