Saturday, 13 June 2009

Simple Headphone Mind - with Carla Speed McNeil

Here's what Carla had to say about her listening habits of late:

"I am completely retarded when it comes to music, entirely out of touch. I listen to the Hot Jazz Saturday Night podcast and to whatever happens to be in the backgrounds of movies I have on while I work. What I've had on in the last day or so are:

1. Topsy-Turvey - which is all music by Gilbert & Sullivan
2. The Illusionist - which was scored by Phillip Glass
3. Orlando - which scored by was David Motion
4. Sita Sings the Blues - which is all music by Annette Hanshaw
5. The Ladykillers - the Coen bothers' collection of gospel music

"Told ya I'm not hip".

Well, it looks pretty eclectic to us...

Carla Speed McNeil is the creator of the stupendously brilliant Finder series. You can read Finder online here, which we heartily recommend you do... immediately, then buy as many of her books as you can afford.

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