Saturday, 27 June 2009

Simple Headphone Mind - with Tom Neely

Tom Neely is the creator of the rather brilliant The blot. He also recently produced a comic for the vinyl edition of The Melvins 'A Senile Animal' entitled Your disease spread quick. The blot was easily my favourite book of 2007, so it's with great pleasure that I give you Tom's top 5 records of the moment:

1) Jesus Fucking Christ - Life's Hateful Seed (I can't stop listening to this).
2) Swallowed Up - This Is, and Goddamn Is It (I saw these guys play with Hinges in Brooklyn last week and they were awesome).
3) TOMBS - Winter Hours (I keep listening to this over and over and over).
4) Low - Trust (Lately I've been rediscovering how much I love this band by spending a lot of time with each album. Also, Zack Sally is one of my favorite cartoonists).
5) Big Business - Mind The Drift (I love it when bands evolve. This is a bold, balls-out new direction for these guys and I think it's amazing).

Honorable Mention: Hinges Demo and Live show. Their drummer Nate Doyle is also a great cartoonist. He's also my new hero.

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